Hobart Waterfront Boat Building Space – How good is that!

The Royal Hobart Regatta Association, under the leadership of Geoff Lucas, has cleaned out a secure waterfront space. They are using part of the area to restore an old Fazackerley dinghy in much need of repair. That will be quite a project in itself. However, there is space enough to build a couple of long and thin boats like recreational rowing boats or kayaks at the same time. It would suit a couple of Derwent Skiffs, enabling the builders to join the growing group of recreational rowers who venture out on Saturday mornings for exercise and a coffee together.

The building is a bit like a concrete bunker, but the doors open out to the northerly sun and it is right beside the water. How good is that!

If you live in the Hobart area and are challenged for building space or would, simply, prefer to be building in company rather than by yourself, please contact Allan by mobile ( 0408 331 510 ) or by email (allan@wittdesign.com.au ).