A while back, buried in an email was: “One lucky rower can save $1,000 off the regular price of $6,500 for these new light-weight boats. All you need to do is add oars, roof rack and water.”

Time is up this Sunday 9 Aug. Contact Allan ( allan@wittdesign.com.au mob. 0408 331 510 )

But there is more:

  1. Keep in mind we have 5.5 m boats for people plus or minus from 90kg and shorter 4.5m boats for people plus or minus from 60kg.
  2. As in the plan below, the same fun can be had in the classic clinker form and in a contemporary chined hull-form.
  3. We are preparing to add in a wet aft deck option too. You will lose some expedition stowage space but speed up the self- draining.  Let us know if this is your preference.

Don’t despair if you are not the lucky first person to grab the $1000 discount.  There are three opportunities for $500 off.  But again, the offer ends this Sunday 9 Aug.

Light-weight Derwent Skiff Options

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