Derwent Raider for Sale

Row, Sail, Raid.


The Derwent Raider is a delightful light-weight boat that rows well with a sliding seat and is also easily driven with a 5 sqm sail. It is round-bilged in a glass/cork/glass composite, with a marine plywood deck, cockpit and internal structure. The outermost layer of the laminated gunwale is Huon Pine, and the cockpit of this particular boat is painted boat deck cream.

Further details:

  • The boat has a self-draining cockpit and three separate buoyancy compartments.
  • The sailing rig, with a carbon fibre unstayed mast, is as simple as it gets – just a mast, downhaul, and mainsheet.
  • The Croker carbon fibre mast is very light, sealed, and buoyant.
  • The Doyle sail has a pocket luff. It has no boom but has a stiff batten to give the sail better shape off the wind. Mainsheet and other lines are provided.

This boat is brand new, and yet to be launched!


For more information please contact:

Jackie Witt

m – 0429 448 845

e –