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Recreational Rowing – A Designer’s Career

Recreational Rowing – A Designer’s Career

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Australasian Amateur Boat Builder Article

The Australasian Amateur Boat Builder magazine (Issue # 91) hit the magazine racks in October 2015.  It contains an article on Australia’s New Recreational Rowing Movement.

It features Derwent Skiffs and Derwent Raiders.  They are creating the opportunity for you to get back into rowing for the exercise and pleasure, but doing it in a boat […]

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Boat Design Update

Designing For What You Want

Some people want a kit. (Your own personal build experience)
Some want a finished wooden boat. “No plastic please!”   (Plastic being a gently derogatory term for composites in general)
Others want a finished composite boat. “No wood please!”  (Fearing a maintenance burden – whether right or wrong)
Some people may value a finished composite […]

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Rare Waterfront Boat Building Space!

Hobart Waterfront Boat Building Space – How good is that!

The Royal Hobart Regatta Association, under the leadership of Geoff Lucas, has cleaned out a secure waterfront space. They are using part of the area to restore an old Fazackerley dinghy in much need of repair. That will be quite a project in itself. […]

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