Hew Mills launched his beautifully made Derwent Skiff in Cairns at the beginning of August (2015). Just have a look at the great finish in his varnishing.

Derwent Skiff on Roof Rack

The next thing to notice is the neat roof rack. Hew used a bit of old mast to extend the rack out to the back of his car so that he can get his Derwent Skiff on and off easily by himself.

Roof Rack Detail

Now take a look at his launching trolley. He adapted a kayak trolley. It stows easily in the boot of the car and works a treat.

Trolley Folded
Trolley in Operation

Then, on the water! Note the fully decked bow for shedding water but the well decked stern for that open boat aesthetic.

The only thing missing is the parasol!
Fantastic job Hew!!!