Designing For What You Want

  1. Some people want a kit. (Your own personal build experience)
  2. Some want a finished wooden boat. “No plastic please!”   (Plastic being a gently derogatory term for composites in general)
  3. Others want a finished composite boat. “No wood please!”  (Fearing a maintenance burden – whether right or wrong)
  4. Some people may value a finished composite hull to which they add a kit wooden deck. (Add the merits and time saving of a composite off-mould hull with the pleasure of building and personalising your deck and cockpit)

We have been doing 1 and 2, but now we are preparing to do 3 and 4!  If these developments interest you, please give me call (0408 331 510) or email me  There are plenty of options to customise kits or finished boats to suit your particular needs.


Boat types:  Derwent Skiffs, Derwent Raiders and Derwent ‘need-a-name’ coastal rowing boats.  (Optimised for speed in competition – fractionally longer and narrower)

Crew sizes:  Singles and doubles.  When we are ready, coastal boats can include quads.

Materials:  Wood or composites or combinations of both.

Build: Kits, partial kits, and finished boats

Which options come first:  That is a bit up to you.  If more of you want to get on the water in doubles, it makes sense to prioritise doubles over singles.  There has been much enthusiasm over the design/performance success of Derwent Raiders.  Their capability for recreational rowing, plus their very competent sailing performance, has created a whole new genre of boating.  But there is a fair bit of work/time in building a 7-plank clinker hull, even when using a kit.  A composite moulded hull reduces that work/time dramatically.  That opens up many opportunities ranging from kit completion at home to group or club fleets.

Getting you on the water:  You have probably recognised that our design work, and the options we are creating, are all about making it easy for you to get on the water  – to row, sail, exercise, get in a Zen-like groove, compete, or …

So, please get in touch with your feedback, questions or requests.  Ring me on 0408 331 510 or email me   It is not just boats that we can help with.  Getting people on the water in events and building community and conversations is part of our brief too.

One Important Design Element

One thing that has exercised my brain a fair bit is how to retain the elegance of the Derwent Skiff’s laminated rigger across the range.   This rigger is one of the things that so many people comment on favourably.  Practically, it is stiff, strong and reliable too.

Derwent Skiff Rigger

But the design task has been tricky because I have wanted to use the quick release and adjustability of the rigger that I developed for the Derwent Raider.  That is all about being able to stow or remove and put the riggers in the boot of your car quickly and easily.  Also, I wanted I wanted a side deck that preserved the run of the foredeck back through the boat.  That’s about aesthetics, water shedding ability as well as practical building.  Then, I wanted to use the same basic design but without needing lots of rigger moulds!

Check out the section drawing and see if I have got the aesthetics right.  I have worked out the structure, the release mechanism and only need two moulds.

Rigger Section